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Optimax and the Birth of Rapid Prototyping

This paper, written by Optimax, tells the story of how Optimax was founded and how we are able to support “Prototype Optics in 1 Week!”.

Apprenticeships for Precision Optics Manufacturing Technician

As U.S. manufacturing works to overcome a technical skills gap, apprenticeships are gaining favor as a post-secondary educational path.

The Business of Precision Optics Manufacturing

Many changes have occurred in business strategies for precision optics manufacturing. The internalization of the photonics industry and the value derived from Rochester's regional photonics cluster are important insights. 

Value Proposition and Total Cost of Ownership

Total cost of a part is calculated over its entire lifespan. By investing in higher quality and reliability, total cost decreases as supporting costs become less necessary. 

Optimax Case Study by Hitachi

As a result of placing in the top 20 of Inc. Magazine's and Winning Workplaces 2010 Top Small Company Workplaces Competition, Optimax was contacted by the Hitachi Foundation to participate in a case study.