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We are a world leader in high precision optical manufacturing, delivering custom optics to a wide range of innovators around the globe. Meeting these goals demands the right people. Teamwork, adaptability, and an enthusiastic approach to problem-solving are central to the Optimax culture. But what unites all our employees best is a hunger to continuously learn. We strive to find driven individuals who are committed to lifelong learning; who will continue to add value in their work throughout long and successful careers.


History & Future

It is our mission for customer success and employee prosperity that drives us.

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In 1991, Optimax started in a barn in Webster, New York. Today, we have moved to a state-of-the-art high-end 120,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility. During this continuous journey of growth, the pillars that are Optimax have always remained the same:

  • Culture
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Innovation

It is our mission for customer success and employee prosperity that drives us.

As the largest precision optics manufacturer in the United States, our optics are used in key programs in aerospace, government research and defense, and our customers' successes have fueled our growth.

Optimax Celebrates 30 Years

The year 2021 marks the 30th Anniversary of Optimax. We have come a long way from starting in a barn in Webster, New York, to becoming the largest optics manufacturer in America. During these years of business, the company has continued to grow and thrive and celebrate many milestones.

To all our employees, customers, and friends – We thank you for your continued commitment to Optimax.

Optimax Systems, Inc
History & Future

Optimax Growth

Each year Optimax grows in revenue, facility size, customers, and employees. This provides more revenue potential, career opportunities, and technological advancements and solutions.

“We are creating solutions beyond what we ever thought it would be,” said Rick Plympton, CEO, Optimax.

From a start-up to a thriving company, there are now more than 400 employees, with an average revenue growth of 20 percent a year, and a 155,000 sq. ft. facility that continues to expand.

A unique company culture of team empowerment to create value, improve efficiency, and adapt to changes in the marketplace fuels our customers and employees to be successful and expand.

Did You Know?

Get to know the Optimax culture, from our Tie Dye traditions to the Business Hall of Fame.


As a company, Optimax has continued to expand and grow on multiple levels. From starting our company in 1991 in a barn to continued growth and expansion in future years.

Our company is based on these core values:

  • Openness & Transparency
  • Fairness
  • Willingness to trust and empower others to make decisions
  • To power with, not power over

These principles not only guide our culture but how we do business. We all have accountability to each other which drives our mission of putting customer success and employee prosperity first.

Our culture continues to grow as our company has grown, but these core values have been with us from the start and are what drives Optimax's success.

Optimax Systems, Inc

Started in a Barn


Moved to a Garage


Building 1 on Dean Parkway


Building 3


Building 4


Building 5


Since its founding in 1991, Optimax has always been a privately owned company. As the two leading owners, Mike Mandina and Rick Plympton, started to near retirement age, they wanted to leave a succession plan that would ensure Optimax’s sustainability beyond their tenure.

The plan they enacted in 2020 was an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) with a perpetual purpose. What this ensures is the three covenants that were important to Mike and Rick:

  • The company can never be sold
  • Profits will always be shared with the employees
  • Optimax leadership for the guidance of innovation and growth of the business
Optimax Systems, Inc

This structure is ensured by a board of trustees that has appointed a board of directors that oversees the operations of Optimax. Over time, the board will continue to evolve but will always stay true to its key priorities:

  • Choose other board members
  • Governance of corporate policy
  • Appoints the trustee to represent the employees

In 2021, Joseph Spilman was appointed as the second president of Optimax succeeding one of our founders Mike Mandina, who is now chairman of the board.

As Optimax continues to grow, we stay true to an evolving structure holding to our core values.

Optimax’s Journey

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