IBS Coatings

Optimax low-stress Ion Beam Sputtered (IBS) coatings enable tight post-coating wavefront control on complex mirror geometries while maintaining low absorption and high CW laser damage threshold.

Laser Mirrors
Laser mirrors are qualified in our laser metrology labs with custom-built cavity ring down, photothermal common-path interferometry, and laser reflectometry systems.

Gradient Reflectivity Mirrors (GRM)
Optimax has developed proprietary processes to make custom GRMs with tight slope control for advanced laser applications.

Deep Ultraviolet

Improved Throughput

Every photon counts – especially for deep ultraviolet (DUV) applications. We offer wavelength-specific DUV processes that yield greater transmission for your short-wavelength semiconductor applications.

Contamination Control

We utilize specialized fabrication, coating, cleaning, handling, and packaging processes designed and certified for contamination control, high radiation, and/or low-temperature environments for ultraviolet applications.


Fractional wave freeforms

Novel metrology methods enable fractional wave freeforms. Optimax produces the highest precision freeform optics by developing and adopting new metrology solutions, continuing to reduce measurement uncertainty.

Off-axis positioning

Reduce freeform and off-axis system assembly time. Work with Optimax to design freeforms with low total error that will increase wavefront performance and ensure precise surface positioning.

Expedited Optics Manufacturing & Delivery

With years of experience perfecting its Lean manufacturing processes, Optimax is uniquely qualified to offer fast, on-time deliveries.

Optimax is the world’s leading rapid delivery manufacturer of custom optical components. Since its founding, Optimax has recognized that industries and institutions need fast deliveries of high quality, precision optics and has invested more than 15 years perfecting highly reliable and effective Lean processes. To learn more about these and other Optimax innovations, please visit About Optimax.

Customers trust Optimax to reliably manufacture their most complex optics on time. In the unlikely event that an expedited delivery is late, Optimax policy is to refund any unearned premium.

When you need optics fast and right!

Optimax excels at grinding, polishing and coating precision optics quickly and reliably. We can deliver high precision optics in as little as one week.

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