Optimax’s leading technology and Lean manufacturing model are the secrets behind our speed. We embrace continuous improvement to achieve our mission: to quickly and reliably deliver precision optics with superior quality.

These lean manufacturing processes also mean reduced waste and a consistent level of excellence in our products and customer service. The result? Reliable quality for your most complex optics.

Optimax Leads the Way in Lean Manufacturing

OPTIMAX Leads the Way

Optimax leads the way in offering the highest tech facilities and greatest capabilities. Driven by our customer's needs, we’ve recently completed a 20,000-square-foot expansion to our manufacturing facility in Ontario, N.Y. The new addition offers customers the most innovative equipment, including:

  • 2 environmentally controlled metrology rooms
  • High-end finishing equipment
  • In-house coating chambers

Optimax’s training program has grown and improved to match. New employees are extensively cross-trained for full system understanding. The new facilities, staff, and equipment doubles our capacity for the manufacturing and testing of optical components.

We made the commitment to expand so that we can continue to fulfill our promise of on-time delivery of high-quality prototype optics. For our customers, this will mean faster turnaround times and tighter achievable tolerances this year.