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Biden, officials laud photonics hub in Rochester

“You’ve gone from making Brownie cameras to lenses that are now mapping the far side of Pluto,” he told an audience of about 200 people

Photonics a Possible Solution to the Brain Drain

“It’s growing and this is a hub for the photonics community and it’s just a sign of things to come,” says Ian Ferralli, an RIT graduate and Optimax intern in an interview with 13WHAM, a local Rochester news station

Rochester’s Future Looks Brighter With Optics

Rochester will be the chosen site for a Photonics Manufacturing Institute. “A huge impact on the local economy,” said Optimax President Mike Mandina. &nbsp

Local Connection to Pluto Pictures

Until this week, no one had ever seen Pluto’s surface quite so crisp and clear, and Optimax Systems in Ontario had a hand in capturing the photos. “It’s also exciting when we can help NASA achieve their goals,” said Optimax CEO Rick Plympton

Pluto Seen Through Lenses Made in Wayne County

NASA scientists hope stunning new photos of Pluto will teach us more about how the solar system formed

Working here: Opportunities exist in optics field

And an education in optics doesn’t end when someone finds a job, as companies such as Optimax have in-house training and tuition reimbursement programs

Webster Man Competes to Build NASA Rovers

Joe Serio is a Monroe Community College optics technology student with 20 years of experience manufacturing optics parts for NASA Mars Rovers with Ontario company Optimax. He’s headed to Texas to compete with a team of college students from around the country to build prototype rovers

Optimax President Headed to White House

Mike Mandina, president of Wayne County custom optics maker Optimax Systems Inc., will be among a number of business executives at the White House on Friday for a meeting regarding job skills

International Year of Light Corporate Tours

In celebration of the International Year of Light (IYOL) optics companies will be opening their doors for tours for the community. Sign-up today to come see innovative optics companies in-action

Space Interest Stoked anew by Pluto flyby

Among those watching the Pluto flyby closely will be a group of local scientists whose work was on board when New Horizons launched in September 2005.

Optimax: Customer Success & Employee Prosperity

Optimax achieves operational excellence by investing in cutting-edge technology, advancing its people, and sharing 25% of monthly profits with employees, but don’t take just our word on it, watch this video by The Hitachi Foundation that tells the Optimax story

Optimax Named One of Rochester’s Top Workplaces

The Top Workplaces are determined solely on employee feedback. The employee survey was conducted by Workplace Dynamics, with more than 800 workplaces invited to take part in the survey and 45 companies made the cut. See full list of Top Workplaces

Job Fair Takes Aim at Advanced Manufacturing

Some of the county’s largest employers, advance manufacturers like Optimax pull workers from the science, technology, engineering and math fields and often work with the tech center to develop and recruit potential workers

Optimax Systems Hires to Meet Growth Rate

“We’re on an aggressive growth path,” said Plympton.

2015 Economic Outlook: Rochester and the Upstate Region

“The greatest challenge is bridging the middle skills gap,” said Plympton

Freedom of Freeforms

Customers trust Optimax to create high-quality optics and deliver them fast, and our freeforms are no exception. Freeform optical shapes or optical surfaces are gaining popularity with lens designers and optical system integrators.

Presentation on Freeform optical manufacturing & testing processes

Kate Medicus, Ph.D., Metrologist speaks on Freeform optical manufacturing and testing processes for IR conformal window and domes. This talk will include an overview of current freeform manufacturing and testing processes for producing freeform surfaces

Employee Spotlight: Joe Serio

Joe Serio, Group Leader is in our Employee Spotlight

Joe currently is a group leader specializing in prototype spheres and flats. He has spent his entire career here at Optimax starting as an optician and moving his way up to team leader, Manufacturing Engineering Technologist (MET) and now a group leader

Jim VanKouwenberg Receives MCC Service Award For Career Technical Education

Jim dedicates much of his free time teaching the next generation about optics, both internally at Optimax and in the community at East High School and Monroe Community College (MCC)

Short Course: Infrared Optical Materials, Fabrication and Testing for the Optical Engineer (SC1136)

Short Course: Infrared Optical Materials, Fabrication and Testing for the Optical Engineer (SC1136)

Instructor: Jessica DeGroote Nelson, Ph.D., Director of Engineering

This course is designed to give the optical engineer or lens designer an introduction to the technologies and techniques of infrared optical materials, fabrication and testing