Manufacturing Tolerance Chart

Achieving 1-Week Delivery

Optimax provides rapid delivery services for prototype optics ranging in size from 10-100mm. While 10 week delivery for prototype optics is typical in the industry, Optimax offers 6 week standard delivery with the option for expedited deliveries as fast as 1 week. The Manufacturing Tolerance Chart provides tolerance guidelines for prototype optics with optical surfaces of f/1 or slower and made from Optimax Preferred Glasses. Consult this chart to determine appropriate tolerances and click on any attribute to show a detailed definition.

Careful consideration should be given to the manufacturing tolerances. As a general rule, price increases around 50% going from Commercial to Precision and another 50% from Precision to High Precision.

For more insights regarding tolerancing versus cost, please see The cost of tolerancing.” For more information on lenses outside tolerances, please contact a sales engineer for more information.

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