Military & Defense

Military & Defense

Optical components are integral to modern military operations. They are vital to air and naval craft, serving key functions in avionics, marine EODs, missile guidance systems, optical scopes, and more. The quality of military-grade optics can be the difference between life and death.

Meeting military-grade specifications requires meticulous attention to quality. Metrology precision and streamlined manufacturing pipelines allow optical engineers to produce finely toleranced optical lenses that meet the most exacting standards.

It is not merely the product that puts custom military optics on the cutting edge, but the method of production.

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Military & Defense


Optimax optical spheres and domes have been implemented in a host of key military and defense applications, serving critical roles as IR domes and conformal windows.

Military & Defense

Optical Coatings

We own the full manufacturing chain, including the coating process, which allows us to produce military-grade optics which satisfy MIL-C-675C specifications. These stringent requirements ensure that anti-reflection interference films used on optical components can withstand the harshest conditions.

Engineered Solutions

At Optimax, we are manufacturing the future, creating the highest precision freeform optics underlying high-tech systems in key markets and applications. We offer rapid and expedited delivery upon request and are committed to our customers in the long term.

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Optimax develops optics solutions to suit a variety of needs. Our industry-leading custom optics are developed by expert engineers. Discover our expertise, solutions, and opportunities today.

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