Digital Technologies

Digital Technologies

Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) technologies are new frontiers in the human experience. They have grown in consumer markets, providing novel recreational experiences using handheld devices, headsets, and so on. But we are also experiencing a paradigm shift towards the adoption of AR and VR in a broader application base, including architecture, engineering, healthcare, military and defense, and more.

Optics are central to the AR/VR experience, enabling the user to feel truly immersed in an augmented or virtual space. This is increasingly important in healthcare where students may practice key skills in a simulated environment. Likewise, military personnel can be primed for combat in non-lethal settings using cutting-edge VR headsets.

The challenge with AR/VR optics is mapping the close-up display to a wider field of view without inducing discomfort in the user. Freeform optics and custom optical systems are often deployed for these applications.

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Digital Technologies


Freeform optics empower engineers to create more compact systems which weigh less than traditional optics while enabling them with greater flexibility. These are critical metrics in the field of AR/VR engineering.

Digital Technologies

Optical Coatings

At Optimax, we have years of experience supporting manufacturing teams in critical application areas with high-performance optical coatings based on a range of technologies, including ion beam sputtering, plasma ion-assisted deposition, reactive evaporation, coating uniformity correction, low-stress coatings, and environmentally-sensitive glass coatings.

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At Optimax, we are manufacturing the future, creating the highest precision freeform optics underlying high-tech systems in key markets and applications. We offer rapid and expedited delivery upon request and are committed to our customers in the long term.

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Optimax develops optics solutions to suit a variety of needs. Our industry-leading custom optics are developed by expert engineers. Discover our expertise, solutions, and opportunities today.

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