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Optician at Optimax: Being a Maker

Genny Kingsley tried a variety of jobs out of high school after getting an art degree. Nothing felt right until she started her optician training at Optimax. She takes joy in being a maker and continuing to learn new things. She has options for apprenticeship, on the job training and higher education. She advises that someone could do well in her job out of high school with on the job training to further her career. She loves being creative and the hands-on nature of making products that have value. Learn more

Precision Optics Manufacturing Apprentice at Optimax

Travis Montgomery started working part time at Optimax while going to a BOCES program in high school. He didn’t plan on going to college, but when Optimax had a program that would pay for his higher education degree, he decided to take advantage of working and going to school full-time. He is an apprentice in the precision optics manufacturing sector

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