Building the Workforce
of Tomorrow
Each year Optimax commits to hiring
5% of its current workforce as interns.
We believe strongly in educating and
mentoring the future workforce.
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A Culture of Fun We strive to make Optimax a fun
place to work and to get to know your
co-workers. We have a Fun Committee
that puts together monthly events including
Holiday Party, Oktoberfest, Company Picnic,
Costume Contests and more. We also sponso
Optimax sports teams from golf to volleyball.
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Optimax strives to integrate “total health”
into everyday activities including:
Optimax Wellness Optimax wellness logo Learn More • Career
• Emotional
• Financial
• Physical
• Social

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Optimax’s unique corporate culture of teamwork and innovation provides a dynamic work environment. People who are committed to lifelong learning and creating value will thrive here. We also embrace a teal culture, which means the organization is shaped by the people and not the objectives of its leaders, and team members are empowered to self-manage. In addition, each month the Fun & Wellness Committees put on multiple events to make sure that fun always stays part of life at Optimax.

Optimax cultureOptimax cultureOptimax cultureOptimax cultureOptimax cultureOptimax cultureOptimax culture

Optimax Believes in Diversity in the Workplace

The Women at Optimax discuss their stories of what got them into Optics, what they do day in and day out and what they love about their job.

Optimax strives to find & retain employees with High-quality and High-potential. We have increased opportunities for:

  • Women
  • Minorities
  • Veterans
  • Individuals with Disabilities

Optimax Systems, Inc. Mission and Quality Policy

Enabling customer success and employee prosperity.

Optimax Patriots

Why are we so passionate about our mission? Many of us have military experience or direct relationships with military personnel. Currently, Optimax employs more than 20 veterans who are motivated and disciplined team players.

A Culture of Wellness

A healthy company culture is built intentionally. Optimax is committed to integrating “total health” into its culture; supporting employee prosperity and well-being in all aspects of life: Career, Emotional, Financial, Physical and Social.

Optimax wellness logo career

Professional Development

  • Apprenticeship Program
  • Tuition Reimbursement Program (See External Training for info and forms)
  • Internal Training Opportunities
  • Engineering Leadership Rotational Program
Optimax wellness logo emotional

Work and Life Balance

Optimax Patitude PTO Donation Policy

Optimax recognizes that employees may have a family emergency or a personal crisis that causes a severe impact to them resulting in a need for additional time off in excess of their available sick/personal time. To address this need all eligible employees will be allowed to donate sick/personal time from their unused balance to their co-workers in need in accordance with this policy, which is strictly voluntary.

Work Life Matters (WLM) Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Offers services to help promote well-being and enhance the quality of life for you and your family. Support and guidance is available online for assistance with family and personal issues (Health, Family, Legal & Financial)

Optimax wellness logo financial

Sound Investments & Company Perks

  • AAA Defensive Driving 6-Hour Course held periodically at Optimax. Lower portions of your auto insurance by up to 10% for 3 years and take up to 4 points off of your driving record for moving violations within the last 18 months.
  • BJ Warehouse Membership Discount: Employees (and/or 1 household member) may join at a company member rate immediately upon hire, or at any time during the year. Visit the HR office for pricing details and voucher.
  • 401K Plan
  • Enterprise RideShare Vanpooling (depending upon participants in area)
  • Rochester Museum and Science Center (RMSC), Cumming Nature Center, or a Strasenburgh Planetarium star show Passes. Receive discounted admission to giant-screen films and laser shows.
  • Verizon Cell Phone Employee Discount
Optimax wellness logo physical

Healthy & Fit

  • Annual Charlie Klinger Memorial Blood Drive hosted by the American Red Cross Bloodmobile
  • Biometric Testing – Periodic free evaluations at Optimax “Know Your Stats”
  • Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue 365 – Discount rates on gym memberships, health, and wellness deals exclusive to Blue members
  • Flu Shot Clinic hosted in the fall annually at Optimax.
  • FREE yogurt, granola and fruit every day! Plus, enjoy 10% off healthy snack purchases every Friday in our breakroom.
  • LA Fitness Gym Membership Discount Rates
  • Martial Arts: Kuk Sool Won offers discounted rates for Optimax employees and family members for Ontario and Williamson locations.
  • Massages – Offered periodically by Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage (OSTM)
  • Optimax Team Sports, such as Bowling, Golf, Hockey, Volleyball and more.
  • Refillable water bottles – a gift to all new hires!
  • The Good Food Collective – Provides members with fresh, healthy, whole foods grown or produced with the planet in mind. GOOD FOOD Shares representing Upstate NY are delivered to Optimax.
Optimax wellness logo social

Get Connected & Have Some Fun

We believe in working hard and having fun while we do it

  • External Volunteer Opportunities & Internal Contacts
  • Fun Committee
  • Optimax Beach Condo
  • Optimax Gear
  • Woman of Optimax (WOO) – for ladies’ get-togethers and sharing info
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Career Resources

Optimax Career Brochures

Careers Overview

Optimax Career Brochure

Optimax in Space

Career Descriptions

POM Apprentice Program

Optimax Culture

We are OptiStrong

Optimax stands together to become OptiStrong through all of the challenges we face in our lives. #WeAreOptiStrong

On The Job With Finger Lakes TV

Finger Lakes TV has launched a new show, called “On the Job with Finger Lakes Television,” to help young people learn more about careers with employers in the Finger Lakes region. The first episode features two women who work at Optimax Systems in Ontario, Wayne County, Jaeden Powers and Genny Kingsley. They talk about the path to their current career and the type of work they do. “On the Job with Finger Lakes Television” is shown every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. and every Friday at 8 p.m. on channel 12 or digital 5.12 on the Spectrum cable system in the Finger Lakes region. All Finger Lakes TV content is simultaneously webcast at The show is a collaboration with the Finger Lakes Workforce Investment Board and Finger Lakes Community College. Finger Lakes Television is an independent public access station based at FLCC’s main campus through an in-kind donation of space and administrative services. The station broadcasts live Canandaigua and Geneva city council meetings, providing hands-on camera opportunities for FLCC students. Finger Lakes TV also records and broadcasts community events such as lectures, concerts and parades as well as national public access programming from NASA and other sources. For more information about Finger Lakes TV, call (585) 785-1623.

Training for the Optics Field at Community College

Jake Thurston likes working with both hand tools and sophisticated equipment in his work in the optics field. He has always liked to design and innovate. He took programs at Monroe Community College that gave him the right skills for a job as an optician, but he thinks people with a variety of job skills in applied sciences, technology or the trades can be good candidates for the optics sector. He works at Optimax as an optician. Learn more. Produced by WXXI for American Graduate: Getting To Work #AmGradROC #AmGrad Explore More Good Jobs at:

Creating Your Future at Optimax

Creating Your Future At Optimax

Let us take you through the world of optics at Optimax. On this journey, you’ll see how high precision lenses are made and explore more about the processes that go into making these optics that you can find as close as your smartphone and as far as outer space. Are you interested in learning more about Optimax? Check out our Career Webpage.

Welcome to Optimax - and the world of optics manufacturing

Meet Pat, your guide, for the journey you are about to take through the world of optics at Optimax. On this journey, you’ll see how high precision lenses are made and explore more about the processes that go into making these optics that you can find as close as your smartphone and as far as outer space. You will also learn more about who Optimax is. Are you interested in learning more about Optimax? Check out our Career Webpage.

How do you manufacture an optic?

As we continue on our journey through the world of optics we are going to explore the beginning of how making an optic all starts. We start the journey by talking to a number of our opticians and engineers to learn about these processes. Are you interested in learning more about Optimax? Check out our Career Webpage.

Finishing and Coating

Now on the optics journey, we are going to talk about some specialty areas in the optics manufacturing process called finishing and coating. Both of these areas require high-end equipment, some of which is made in Rochester, New York. Are you interested in learning more about Optimax? Check out our Career Webpage.

Optics enable applications that are out of this world

As we continue on our journey through the optics manufacturing process we are going to talk about where optics go. While traditional optics go in eyeglasses, high precision optics go into some of the most amazing applications out there.
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A unique corporate culture combined with a dynamic work environment

Optimax Systems, Inc. is a world leader in small volume, high quality optical components. Our unique corporate culture of teamwork, innovation and agility provides a dynamic work environment. We are looking for individuals that are committed to lifelong learning and creating value through their hard work.

About Optimax
Engage With Us

*Our application is currently not mobile compatible. Please use a desktop/laptop to apply

If you need assistance or additional information to apply, please contact our Human Resources Department at

Optimax Systems, Inc. (Optimax) must comply with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) issued by the United States Department of State, Department of Defense Trade Controls. Because of ITAR, the company must limit employment opportunities to the following eligible categories, (1) a citizen or national of the U.S., (2) a lawful permanent resident, (3) citizen admitted as a refugee, or (4) citizen who has been granted asylum.
Optimax is committed to equal opportunity for all, without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, citizenship, sex, age, veteran status, disability, genetic information, or any other protected characteristic. Optimax will make reasonable accommodations for known physical or mental limitations of otherwise qualified employees and applicants with disabilities unless the accommodation would impose an undue hardship on the operation of our business.