Listen to this podcast from Nextcorps featuring Optimax CEO, Rick Plympton, talk about building Optimax, from starting in a barn to an empowering team culture and the path forward for a legacy of succession and future success.

00:00 – Intro 01:08 – How Rick Plympton got started at Optimax
01:56 – Why Optimax formed an employee owned trust (EOT), its primary tenets
04:06 – Building corporate culture through values; empowering people with organic leadership
07:31 – Providing continuous training and education opportunities
09:23 – Hiring for attitude not aptitude
10:33 – The path ahead — for Optimax, its employees, and the place they call home
12:57 – Rick’s final advice for startups and growing businesses

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How Commitment to Company Culture Pays Off at Optimax