Optimax was introduced to a specialized optical measuring instrument through a local research facility, and realized their need for a similar instrument to develop better, more efficient optical coatings for their products for semiconductor applications. This project was identified as a top priority of Optimax during a coordination meeting with NextCorps MEP representatives, part of the New York MEP and the MEP National Network™.

NextCorps arranged for funding for engineering design, installation, and user training through the Rochester Regional Photonics Accelerator grant, one of 10 grants issued nationwide as part of NIST’s Advanced Manufacturing Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge program. NextCorps also partnered with the Workforce Development Institute to provide partial funding for the instrument itself. 


  • $8,000,000 in increased or retained sales
  • 12 created or retained jobs
  • $8,900,000 in new investment
  • $70,000 in cost savings