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We are a world leader in high precision optical manufacturing, delivering custom optics to a wide range of innovators around the globe. Meeting these goals demands the right people. Teamwork, adaptability, and an enthusiastic approach to problem-solving are central to the Optimax culture. But what unites all our employees best is a hunger to continuously learn. We strive to find driven individuals who are committed to lifelong learning; who will continue to add value in their work throughout long and successful careers.





5 Internships
1 – Maintenance | 2 – Maintenance | 3 – R&D | 4 – Optician | 5 – Optician

How long have you worked at Optimax?
I have worked at Optimax for three years starting in 2014.

What internship did you start out in?
I started in quality assurance, then moved to the shipping department, and now I am working as an optician.

How has your internship helped you with your studies?
You learn a different way of thinking that helps in the classroom.

What kind of skills did you learn at Optimax that you didn't learn in the classroom?
I get to work hands-on in the machine department by dealing with real deadlines and customers. The classroom is more individual focused while working here is more team based. I get to work on projects like the Mars Rover.

Were you able to apply with you learned in the classroom to your internship?
In the classroom, I learned measurement techniques such as geometry.

How has this internship helped you figure out any career goals or paths?
I am going into engineering, but I realized I want to be on the shop floor and not in a cubicle. Like a lot of engineers here, they are out on the floor, and that is something I want to do.

Why I like working at Optimax: 
It’s a very relaxing environment, where you can be yourself and everyone is friendly and helpful.

Best part of Optimax in one word?

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