Prototype Optics in One Week

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Optician at Optimax: Being a Maker

Genny Kingsley tried a variety of jobs out of high school after getting an art degree. Nothing felt right until she started her optician training at Optimax. She takes joy in being a maker and continuing to learn new things. She has options for an apprenticeship, on the job training and higher education. She advises

Optimax: Customer Success & Employee Prosperity

Optimax achieves operational excellence by investing in cutting-edge technology, advancing its people, and sharing 25% of monthly profits with employees, but don’t take just our word

Optics Legacy Rochester

The story of Optimax, a company started in a barn more than 20 years ago, reflects the experience of many successful startups in the area

Optimax Leads The Way

Find out more about Optimax Systems Inc, their team, their philosophy and how they deliver prototype optics in one week

Optimax Systems – The Best Job You Never Heard Of

For more insight on what Optimax does and what opportunities are open to you please visit our careers page

Local Company Gets More Answers from White House Worker Training Programs

Wayne County optics firm Optimax is an example of public-private partnership initiatives Vice President Joe Biden talked about on his visit to Rochester in February

MCC Vice President Joe Biden Visit

Optimax President, Mike Mandina, introduces Vice President Joe Biden at an MCC Career Event following the 2014 State of The Union about breaching the middle skills gap in the United States

2013 NAVY Tap Forum: Importance of Small Business

Learn from Navy leaders about the success rates commercialization, and hear from congressional members on the importance of small business to the economy

Couple who are coaches balance work, family

Hard work in service of a career goal on a distant horizon isn’t specific to sports

Video: “Made in Rochester”

Visionary ideas, working capital and manufacturing prowess have allowed high tech industry to reshape the local economy, and give new meaning to the phrase Made in Rochester. Optimax is one of these companies featured in this Channel 8 news story