Optimax Technical Papers

Coating Technical Expertise

Coating Expertise Technical Papers

Designing and Selecting an Optical Cleaning Process

Every optical application requires a “clean” optical surface. However, what defines “clean” is subjective and is based on the needs of the application.  

Evaluation of alumina and silica coating materials for the NIF final turning mirrors

Learn how a 2-4× improvement in 3ω LIDT was demonstrated with adequate 1ω laser damage resistance, and an 18% decrease in the refractive index between alumina and hafnia results in coating designs that are 3× thicker

The influence of oxygen partial pressure on the properties of evaporated alumina thin films

Learn how increasing oxygen partial pressure during deposition improves film stoichiometry, absorption, and laser induced damage threshold (LIDT) at 351 nm

Production of high laser induced damage thresholds

Completing our suite of deposition equipment, we are developing a new Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) System with different substrate configurations.

Antireflection Coatings for Space Applications

Space can be a harsh environment for optical coatings. Optimax has successfully provided antireflection (AR) coatings for a wide range of space applications.

Optical Systems: Transmissive high-energy laser optics

There are many decisions to make when designing, specifying, manufacturing, and testing optical components for high-energy laser systems — each is a potential failure mechanism that must be understood and controlled.

Optimax ‐OTR Coatings for Extreme Environmental Resistance

Optimax has developed a novel optical coating (OTR‐AR). OTR coatings have been demonstrated to provide excellent resistance to latent scratching, staining and dimming of chemically sensitive optical glass surfaces in hot humid environments.

Measurement considerations when specifying optical coatings

Design, specification, and procurement of optical coatings all benefit when the designer has a good understanding of measurement techniques and uncertainties.