Optimax Technical Papers

Asphere Technical Expertise

Practical Design Software Eases Asphere Manufacturability

Recent design methods and software advances make it much easier to design aspheric surfaces that actually work in production and test by considering manufacturability issues at the earliest possible stage in the design process

Trials and Tribulations of Optical Manufacturing: Asphere Edition

Optimax Systems, Inc., a leader in quick delivery prototype optics, has been manufacturing aspheric lenses for more than 20 years. Along the way, we have learned many lessons and provide takeaways for other manufacturers and designers.

Robotic polishing in asphere manufacturing

Optimax improved the reliability of asphere polishing platforms at a demonstrated level. Download our technical paper today to learn about our results

Make it like you use it

Testing and correcting the aspheric lens as it is used in transmission addresses some of the shortcomings of traditional 3D surface metrology. 

Profit through predictability: The MRF difference at Optimax

In an effort to reduce variation and improve predictability, Optimax integrated magnetorheological finishing into its aspheric lens manufacturing process. 

The sum of all errors: Technical Digest

The geometry of machines used to center lenses and to measure centering error all work in terms of the wedge case. Two important considerations are the centration of the lens and the difference in edge thickness. 

Specifying, Manufacturing and Measuring Aspheric Lenses – Part II

The similarities and differences between tolerancing, manufacturing and measuring spherical and aspheric surfaces are important

Specifying, Manufacturing and Measuring Aspheric Lens – Part I

A basic survey of specifying aspheric forms, function and manufacturing and testing

Asphere Manufacturing Considerations for the Designer

There are many topics to consider during aspheric lens design, including geometrical restrictions that hinder producing particular aspheric shapes. Understanding these restrictions will help drive cost. 

Aspheric glass lens modeling and machining

The evolution of the manufacturing technology for a specific aspheric glass lens can provide significant image quality improvement, reduction of the number of lens elements, smaller size, and lower weight. 

Introduction to Asphere Metrology

There are numerous metrology options for aspheres, including how they work, requirements, and what is specified with each method in an effort to tolerance aspheres