Preferred Glass

Optimax maintains a sizable inventory of standard grade optical materials, as identified in the highlighted column below. These glasses are recommended when quick delivery is critical. As required, optical crystals and ceramics are also processed at Optimax. At the time of order placement, some consideration should be given to material delivery.

±001002 Optimax Preferred Ohara Schott CDGM
*458678 7980 0F JGS2
487702 S-FSL5 S-FSL5 N-FK5 H-QK3L
487845 N-FK51A N-FK51A
497816 S-FPL51 S-FPL51 N-PK52A H-FK61
516641 S-BSL7 S-BSL7 N-BK7 H-K9L
522598 S-NSL5 S-NSL5 N-K5 H-K50
529770 N-PK51 N-PK51
532489 S-TIL6 S-TIL6 H-QF6
548458 S-TIL1 S-TIL1 LLF1 H-QF1
569563 S-BAL14 S-BAL14 N-BAK4 H-BAK7
581407 S-TIL25 S-TIL25 LF5 H-QF50
589612 S-BAL35 S-BAL35 N-SK5 H-ZK3
603380 S-TIM5 S-TIM5 F5 H-F1
607568 S-BSM2 S-BSM2 N-SK2 H-ZK50
613587 S-BSM4 S-BSM4 N-SK4 H-ZK6
620363 S-TIM2 S-TIM2 N-F2 H-F4
648338 S-TIM22 S-TIM22 N-SF2 H-ZF1
651562 S-LAL54 S-LAL54 N-LAK22 H-LAK10
670473 S-BAH10 S-BAH10 N-BAF10 H-ZBAF52
673321 S-TIM25 S-TIM25 N-SF5 H-ZF2
689311 S-TIM28 S-TIM28 N-SF8 H-ZF10
691548 S-LAL9 S-LAL9 N-LAK9 H-LAK2
713539 S-LAL8 S-LAL8 N-LAK8 H-LAK7
717295 S-TIH1 S-TIH1 N-SF1 H-ZF3
744448 S-LAM2 S-LAM2 N-LAF2 H-LAF3
750353 S-LAM7 S-LAM7 N-LAF7 H-LAF4
755275 S-TIH4 S-TIH4 N-SF4 H-ZF6
785257 S-TIH11 S-TIH11 N-SF11 H-ZF13
786442 S-LAH51 S-LAH51 N-LAF33
788474 S-LAH64 S-LAH64 N-LAF21 H-LAF10L
805254 S-TIH6 S-TIH6 N-SF6 H-ZF7LA
806409 S-LAH53 S-LAH53 N-LASF43 H-ZLAF52
847238 S-TIH53 S-TIH53 N-SF57 H-ZF52A
883408 S-LAH58 S-LAH58 N-LASF31A
923189 S-NPH2 S-NPH2
*458678 Corning – 7980 0F & Heraeus – Suprasil 3