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Optical Systems: Transmissive high-energy laser optics: Manufacturing and testing considerations

There are many decisions to make when designing, specifying, manufacturing, and testing optical components for high-energy laser systems—each is a potential failure mechanism that must be understood and controlled. Related Topics:FreeformsOptics for HIGH POWERDan

Optimax: Customer Success & Employee Prosperity

Optimax achieves operational excellence by investing in cutting-edge technology, advancing its people, and sharing 25% of monthly profits with employees, but don't take just our word

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Measurement considerations when specifying optical coatings

Design, specification, and procurement of optical coatings all benefit when the designer has a good understanding of measurement techniques and uncertainties. Related Topics:FreeformsTechnical Papers FormsInnovation

Optimax ‐OTR Coatings for Extreme Environmental Resistance

Optimax has developed a novel optical coating (OTR‐AR) that protects optical surfaces in even the most extreme environmental use conditions. OTR coatings have been demonstrated to provide excellent resistance to latent scratching, staining and dimming of chemically sensitive optical glass surfa ....

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Trial and Tribulations of Optical Manufacturing: Asphere Edition

Optimax Systems, Inc., a leader in quick delivery prototype optics, has been manufacturing aspheric lenses for over 20 years. Along the way, we have learned many lessons, some the hard way, about how we overcame the problem, and provide takeaways for other manufactures and designers.   &nb ....

Optics Legacy Rochester

The story of Optimax, a company started in a barn more than 20 years ago, reflects the experience of many successful startups in the area

Deterministic form correction of extreme freeform optical surfaces

Optimax has placed emphasis on refining the deterministic form correction process. By developing many of these procedures in house, changes can be implemented quickly and efficiently in order to rapidly converge on an optimal manufacturing method.     Related Topics:FreeformsOptics fo ....

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Fabrication of Freeforms

Optimax has developed a robust freeform optical fabrication CNC process that includes generation, high speed VIBE polishing, sub-aperture figure correction, surface smoothing and testing of freeform surfaces.   Related Topics:FreeformsInnovationOptics for HIGH

Producing Smooth Surfaces on Polycrystalline ZnS Aspheres and Freeforms

Commercially available deterministic polishing methods commonly induce excessive surface roughness, or grain decoration, on polycrystalline aspheres and freeforms. The excessive surface roughness causes optical scatter and limits optimal performance. In current work, a process developed at Opti ....

Fabricating and Testing Freeform Optics

Current Capabilities, Lessons Learned and Future Opportunities Freeform optical shapes or optical surfaces that are designed with non-symmetric features are gaining popularity with lens designers and optical system integrators. A common question about freeform optics is, “If I design it, ....

Specifying, Manufacturing and Measuring Aspheric Lens – Part I

This paper gives a basic survey of specifying aspheric forms, their function, and their manufacturing and testing. Related Topics:FreeformsTechnical Papers FormsRotational Leadership Program

Freeform optical manufacturing and testing processes for IR conformal window and dome

Complete freeform optical fabrication process that includes ultrasonic generation of hard ceramic surfaces, high speed VIBE polishing, sub-aperture figure correction of polycrystalline materials, finishing and final testing of freeform surfaces.   Related Topics:FreeformsOptics for HIGH PO ....

Deterministic Form Correction of Extreme Freeform Optical Surfaces

Optimax has developed a variety of new deterministic freeform manufacturing processes. Combining traditional optical fabrication techniques with cutting edge technological innovations has yielded a multifaceted manufacturing approach that can successfully handle even the most extreme freeform o ....

Specifying, Manufacturing and Measuring Aspheric Lenses – Part II

This paper highlights the similarities and differences between tolerancing, manufacturing and measuring spherical and aspheric surfaces. Related Topics:FreeformsTechnical Papers FormsAndi

Reduced cost and improved figure of sapphire optical components

Optimax’s sapphire production process achieves significant improvement in cost by implementation of a controlled grinding process to present the best possible surface to the polishing equipment.       Related Topics:FreeformsOPTIMAX 25th AnniversaryRotational Leadership Program

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