Prototype Optics in One Week

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Freedom of Freeforms

Presented by Jessica DeGroote Nelson, Ph.D. Freeform optical shapes or optical surfaces that are designed with non-symmetric features are gaining popularity with lens designers and optical system integrators. A common question about freeform optics is, “If I design it, can you really make it?” ....

Surface Slope Tolerances

Presented by, John Rogers, Ph.D, Senior Scientist for Imaging Optics, Synopsys This webinar will describe the effects of surface slope errors – concentrating on the “mid spatial frequency” region – on image quality, and will describe methods for determining tolerances for surface sl ....

Guidelines for Calculating Measurement Uncertainty of the Interferometric Radius

Presented by Kate Medicus, Ph.D., Metrologist, Optimax ISO and NIST provide guidelines for evaluating and expressing the uncertainty of a given measurement, but the application of these guidelines in optical fabrication is not as straightforward as it would seem. Measurements are considered inc ....

Basics of Optical Surfaces

Learn the fundamentals of tolerancing and testing for surface roughness and mid-spatial frequency errors. These factors affect all elements of the optics fabrication process, from design to manufacturing.

Optical Asphere Metrology

Metrology is a vital component of the asphere fabrication process and it must not be overlooked when determining fabricator capability. The ability to characterize aspheric form helps determine potential lens performance and enables subsequent deterministic correction. Asphere metrology has dis ....