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Lens Tolerancing and Inspection

The Sum of All Errors

Magnetorheological Finishing (MRF) offers an effective way for correcting transmitted wavefront of lenses. Optimax Systems uses this MRF process to correct aspheric lenses in transmission to subwavelength errors

Centration Tolerances

This paper defines and details the parameters used in specifying centration of a lens and techniques used to check location of and position the optical axis

Optical System Design – Optical Manufacturing Considerations

This text assumes the manufacture of a precision glass lens of approximately 50mm diameter using grinding and polishing techniques, taking into consideration optical material, component size, shape, and manufacturing tolerances

Useful Estimations and Rules of Thumb for Optomechanics

In this paper by Katie Schwertz, the estimation or rule of thumb is concisely stated. A corresponding equation, if applicable, is also included. Relevant background information is presented to the reader to give context as to when this rule can be applied. The details of how the rule should be ....

Lens-Edging Tolerance

This article focuses on edge thickness difference (ETD) as a common callout that relates to the amount of acceptable beam-deviation error for lenses

The Language Of Prisms

This paper will explain terms unique to prism manufacturing, explaining when they are useful

Considerations in Manufacturing Cemented Assemblies

This paper will examine options in construction of cemented lens assemblies, and considerations for mechanical mounting and cement selection will be offered

Optical Glass: Substitutes Versus Equivalents

This paper details the motivation for selecting alternate optical materials within an established design and offers considerations when doing so.    

Specifying And Measuring Spherical Surface Irregularity ©

This paper will define surface irregularity for spherical surfaces, offer information on measurement methods for testing surface irregularities, and some specification guidelines

Tolerancing, Specifying and Measuring Spherical Radius

This paper will review tolerancing schemes for spherical radii, including the historical origins. It finishes with recommendations for specifying tolerances for spherical radii

Mechanical Attributes: Diameter, Center and Edge Thickness Specification for Lens Manufacture

This paper will explain the role mechanical attribute tolerancing plays in balancing lens function and cost and will help in choosing an optimum tolerance

Specifying And Modeling As-Built Centration Errors For Singlets And Cemented Doublets

This presentation will look at sources of lens centration manufacturing errors in singlets and cemented doublets, how manufacturing errors can be modeled in lens design software and how to specify centration tolerances on lens drawing

Specifying More Than Peak to Valley

This paper is an introduction to specifications and tolerances intended fo more throughly define figure and form of precision optical elements. Specifications that will be outlined here include mid-spatial frequency wavefront error, slope and PVr

The Effect of Phase Distortion On…Thin Film Coated Optical Surfaces

This paper discusses difficulty in accurately interpreting surface form data from a phase shifting interferometer measurement of a thin film interference coated surfaces

Specifying, Applying and Measuring Thin Film Coating

This paper will explain general process of specifying, applying and measuring thin film coating

Specifying and Measuring Slope Error of Optical Surface

This paper will first detail where slope error originated from, what it represents and the role it plays in the optical performance

Role of Surface Roughness In Optical Performance

This paper examines the role surface roughness plays in optical system performance, discusses the components of a surface roughness specification, and contrasts roughness with cosmetic defects