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Metrology of Freeform Optics

Freeform optical surfaces are gaining popularity with lens designers and optical system integrators as a method to solve complex optical system design problems. Fortunately advances in optical manufacturing have opened the possibility for designers to realize these complex surfaces. In order to ....

Freeform Monolithic Multi-Surface Telescope Manufacturing

Typically, a monolithic telescope describes a single mirror substrate fabricated from one initial blank which would serve as one reflective surface in an off-axis telescope design. This presentation describes a telescope design in which all optical surfaces of an off-axis telescope are manufact ....

Fabrication of Freeforms

Optimax has developed a robust freeform optical fabrication CNC process that includes generation, high speed VIBE polishing, sub-aperture figure correction, surface smoothing and testing of freeform surfaces.  

Producing Smooth Surfaces on Polycrystalline ZnS Aspheres and Freeforms

Commercially available deterministic polishing methods commonly induce excessive surface roughness, or grain decoration, on polycrystalline aspheres and freeforms. The excessive surface roughness causes optical scatter and limits optimal performance. In current work, a process developed at Opti ....