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Inspection Data Options

Optimax is ISO 9001:2015 certified and employs quality systems that comply with manufacturing standards issued by American National Standards Institution (ANSI) subcommittee Optical and Electro-Optical Standards Committee (OEOSC) and the traditional US military specifications. For all prototype orders, Optimax performs 100% inspection of the components and includes an Enhanced inspection data package that is ISO compliant.

As an initiative toward green policies Optimax provides electronic data packets with the finished optics. Optimax offers three inspection data options, including a custom option to reduce costs or to provide additional inspection data as needed. When placing an order, please give some consideration to which option works best for your project.

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Verification Data Package includes:

 Certificate of Conformance

Certificate of conformance download

Verification Data Package includes:

• Certificate of Conformance
• Serialization
• 100% recorded values for all physical dimensions
• Melt data
• Coating curves (if applicable)

Certificate of conformance download
Final inspection record download
Melt data download
Coating curve download

Note: Irregularity verified with best fit transmission sphere (No Stitching). Data provided electronically.

Verification Data Package Options (One of the Following):

  • Customer defined test plan or
  • A la Carte inspection options available include:
    + Surface Roughness
    + Stitching Interferometry
    + High Energy Laser Testing
    + Profilometry
Surface roughness download
Stitching Interferometry download
High energy laser testing article
Coating curve download

Expedited Optics Manufacturing & Delivery

With years of experience perfecting its Lean manufacturing processes, Optimax is uniquely qualified to offer fast, on-time deliveries.

Optimax is the world’s leading rapid delivery manufacturer of custom optical components. Since its founding, Optimax has recognized that industries and institutions need fast deliveries of high quality, precision optics and has invested more than 15 years perfecting highly reliable and effective Lean processes. To learn more about these and other Optimax innovations, please visit About Optimax.

Customers trust Optimax to reliably manufacture their most complex optics on time. In the unlikely event that an expedited delivery is late, Optimax policy is to refund any unearned premium.

When you need optics fast and right!

Optimax excels at grinding, polishing and coating precision optics quickly and reliably. We can deliver high precision optics in as little as one week.

Optimax Capabilities