Prototype Optics in One Week

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20 Years of Innovation – Rochester Engineering Society Magazine

January 15, 2013

Optimax Systems, Inc. is a prototype optics manufacturer located in Ontario, NY. Founded August, 21, 1991, Optimax was one of the first optics manufacturers to use the computer-controlled machining of brittle materials to create superior optical component manufacturing. In the basement of a pig barn, our team created innovative processes that reduced fabrication time from 10 weeks to five days. Optimax has continued with 20 years of growth by recognizing opportunities in the market and developing innovative solutions.

High Quality, Quick Delivery

A need for quick delivery of custom optics has been recognized by Optimax from the beginning. In 1995, we began to market “Prototype Optics in 1 Week”. This created the opportunity for us to support important projects, such as NASA programs. In 1998, we provided NASA with a set of imaging lenses for a shuttle launch in just five days. Since then, Optimax has proudly supplied NASA with lenses for the Mars Rovers, Mercury Messenger and Jupiter Fly By, to name a few.

At Optimax, providing the highest quality optics possible is a requirement. We have successfully developed manufacturing processes for optics required for specialized applications, such as; deep ultraviolet (DUV) applications, high energy lasers (HEL) and multispectral systems. With the help of the Internet, the optics industry has been given a global marketplace and Optimax discovered a new opportunity. Advancements in computing technology and new optical design software empowered independent optical engineers, creating a demand for an independent optics manufacturer such as Optimax.