This chapter is an excerpt from Optical System Design by Robert E. Fischer and Biljana Tadic-Galeb, published by SPIE Press and McGraw-Hill.

There are several software programs that are available to help design an optical system. But the software can’t give the designer all of the practical considerations with regard to making the lenses. “Optical Manufacturing Considerations” addresses the most common manufacturing issues that push out delivery or drive up cost. A little effort to deal with these issues at the design phase will save time and money.

Bob Wiederhold and I were grateful for the opportunity to contribute our manufacturing expertise to this ‘down to earth’ text about optical design. It is now out as a 2nd Edition with additional technical information and examples. This book is a useful desk reference for everyone involved with optical systems. We hope that this chapter is informative and helpful. Please send us your comments at Thank you.

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