Manufacturing Groups

Optimax manufactures the optics inside breakthrough technologies in aerospace, defense, semiconductor, and medical devices. We are organized into three distinct manufacturing groups, each purpose-built to deliver unique value to customers. This allows us to supply highly complex optics to a variety of markets with the speed and performance your programs require.



Small Volume | High Quality | Quick Delivery

Manufacturing Tolerance Chart

Optimax provides rapid delivery services for prototype optics ranging in size from 10-100mm. While 10 week delivery for prototype optics is typical in the industry, Optimax offers 6 weeks standard delivery with the option for expedited deliveries as fast as 1 week.

The Estimator

The Estimator is a unique tool designed to allow an optical designer to input parameters and adjust tolerances to get an estimated cost of prototype optics. This empowers the designer to find the best balance of performance versus cost.



  • Dedicated capacity – people and equipment.
  • Well engineered, highly robust processes.
  • Reliable on-time delivery, to schedule.
  • Flexible make-to-stock options with customer forecasts.
  • Best value – high precision, excellent quality, competitive price, dependable

Partners in Production

Optimax dedicates a team of engineers and account managers to key production programs to ensure on-time delivery, efficient communication, and outstanding quality.


For each production program, we deliver the critical data and reliability you need by streamlining our quality process to give you custom data packages and the overall best value.

Engineered Production

Optimax provides engineering assistance to achieve robust designs resulting in the best possible cost and consistent designs for our customers.

Optimax Tools

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Founded in 1991, Optimax is a world-class manufacturer of precision optics. With more than 200 skilled opticians and a modern 120,000 sq. ft. facility, Optimax is the largest prototype optics manufacturer in the United States. Optimax produces a wide range of optical components including:

Laser Grade


  • Large Diameter
  • High Precision
  • Highly Engineered
Coating Layers

Direct Energy (DE)

Focusing laser energy over long ranges for targeted results.

  • Defense Systems

Optimax takes ownership of the entire process and is your go-to partner for complete laser grade optic solutions. We back up our performance with third-party verified low absorption and high-laser damage thresholds.

  • Large optics up to 500 mm
  • Complex geometries
  • High-fluence laser coatings
  • Advanced in-house metrology, including cavity ring-down

Deep Ultraviolet (DUV)

Short wavelength deep ultraviolet lasers for nanoscale linewidth imaging.

  • Lithography
  • Metrology

Precision optics with high throughput and long life for the semiconductor industry.

  • Large optics up to 500 mm
  • Complex geometries
  • Cleanroom facility
  • Proprietary low-loss polishing and coating
  • Useful life measured in billions of pulses
  • Coating uniformity on steep surfaces

High Power Laser (HPL)

High power lasers for large format industrial material processing and research.

  • Industrial Material Processing
  • Research

Our advanced optics allow uniform transmission across the lens and provide long, useful life in high-fluence applications.

  • Large optics up to 500 mm
  • Complex geometries
  • High CW laser damage thresholds
  • Low absorption surfaces and coatings

Engineered Solutions

  • Large Diameter
  • High Precision
  • Highly Engineered
Laser Mirrors 99.999%

Laser Mirrors 99.999%

Laser mirrors are qualified in our laser metrology labs

Improved Throughput

Improved Throughput

DUV processes yield greater transmission for short-wavelength semiconductor applications.

Gradient Reflectivity Mirrors

Gradient Reflectivity Mirrors

DUV processes yield greater transmission for short-wavelength semiconductor applications.


Optimax Capabilities

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Low Stress IBS Coatings

Low Stress IBS Coatings

Enables tight post-coating wavefront control on complex mirror geometries

Contamination Control

Contamination Control

Optimax utilizes specialized fabrication, coating, cleaning, handling, and packaging processes.

Off-Axis Positioning

Off-Axis Positioning

Freeforms with low total error, increase wavefront performance, and precise surface positioning.


Fractional Wave Freeforms

New metrology solutions developed for high precision freeform optics



Optimax delivers finished optics faster and with less risk because we own the complete manufacturing process, including optical coating.

Coating Applications

Engineered Solutions

Coating IBS Machine

Featured Coatings:

Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) Coatings

Made in the USA: Serving sensitive defense and direct energy programs

Size Capabilities: Optimax can IBS coat up to 400 MM

Metrology: Optimax has invested in advanced metrology, including custom metrology options. If you can't measure it, you can't make it.

Specifications: Ion Beam Sputtered Coatings: 400mm Mirrors, ARs and Filters Absorption: <2ppm ARs, <5ppm Mirrors in the NIR Laser damage thresholds: >10MW/cm2CW

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Designing and Selecting an Optical Cleaning Process

Every optical application requires a “clean” optical surface. However, what defines “clean” is subjective and is based on the needs of the application.  

Research &


Art of Making Optics

Optimax has received a number of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants over the years. These grants, administered by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of Technology, allow government programs to benefit from small businesses’ nimble development to commercialize new technologies.

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) current projects:

Current: Type: Start Year: Agency:
Advanced Optical Systems and Fabrication/Testing/Control Technologies for EUV/Optical and IR Telescope SBIR Phase I 2020 National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Monolithic Multi-surface Precision Optics for Smallsats and Cubesats, using Freeform Surface Definitions SBIR Phase II 2020 Department of Defense MDA
Additive manufacturing and thin film coating development for lightweight directed energy reflective optics SBIR Phase II 2020 Department of Defense MDA


Our ongoing development, whether it’s technology developed during SBIR projects or through other projects, allows us to enhance our high precision optics that we offer to all of our customers.

Find the complete SBIR project list here

Optimax's R&D Innovative Projects

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    Manufacturing Processes

    New optical material processing.
    Optical manufacturing studies of new to market materials.

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    Polishing Options

    Conformal and freeform optics.
    Novel conformal processing techniques.

Technical Papers

Want to find out more about the innovation and ideology that is happening here at Optimax Systems. View and download our Technical Papers:

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Business Leadership - Tech Paper
Aspheric Optics - Tech Paper
Freeform Expertise Technical Papers
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Lens tolerancing and inspection tech papers

Featured Tech Papers

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