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Success Stories

Year after year, program after program, Optimax continues to push the limits of possible in complexity, quality and speed for its customers.

One national lab says Optimax’s “as-built data packages are excellent, delivers on time, and does a particularly good job on aspheres.” Our focus on complex, small volume fabrication is a match for a lab whose programs can span 20 to 30 years.

A university customer turned to us to meet their highly specialized needs—a large lens with a high degree of precision and 100% inspection. They say we “always produce the highest quality.”

A lens designer has worked with us on over 100 projects “nearly flawlessly.” He turns to us for complex optics done right the first time and delivered when promised.

While confidentiality prevents us from sharing most of the successes we’ve helped to create, here are a few public examples of our work:

Medical Devices


Medical Devices

Optimax provides OEM optics for a femtosecond laser in an innovative 3D surgical platform.






We have supplied NASA with high-quality imaging lenses, most recently for the Mars Rovers, designed for position sensing, mapping landforms, and optical analysis.



Optimax serves the semiconductor industry, providing leading companies in the field with optics for developing technologies.