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Optimax is an Essential Business – Operations Remain Open

Due to the critical role we play in Defense, Medical, and Semiconductor supply chains, Optimax is an essential business and we are fully operational. As we continue to monitor and react to the situation, the health and well-being of our employees, customers, vendors, and community members remain the top priority. We have implemented health and safety policies to do our part in limiting the spread of the virus while remaining dedicated to supporting our customers during this challenging time.

We are all in this together.

COVID19 operations update

Optimax's Response to the Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19)

Since mid-February, we have been monitoring the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) situation daily and offering regular updates to staff as new information becomes available. We plan to continue that practice. Optimax realizes that both the spread of this serious disease and our decisions about it, affect not only our programs and planning, but the lives of individuals. For many, the steps we' re taking to protect the health of the community may involve significant inconvenience and personal sacrifice. Please accept our gratitude in advance for your goodwill and understanding. I also hope we can be sensitive to each other's burdens in this situation and make accommodations when we can.

- Rick Plympton, CEO

Detailed below are some frequently asked questions and our response.

Have you assessed your supply chain for impact from the virus?

Yes, our supply chain has responded very favorably and is not anticipating any shortages in raw material at this time.

Do you have employees that have recently traveled to any of the severely affected areas: China, Italy, South Korea, Iran?

Some of our staff does periodically travel to China; however since the outbreak, international travel for business has been suspended.

If quarantine is required, is alternate staffing available to continue production?

Yes, with only minor exceptions, manufacturing staff is cross-trained for multiple roles.

Do you have a comprehensive business continuity/mitigation plan with regard to supply, production and distribution outages?

Yes, it's being reviewed and updated and is expected to be finalized within the next 90 days.

Brief description of plan:

Since Optimax does its own manufacturing, our biggest area of supply chain concern is with our raw material supply. We have received confirmation from those vendors indicating that shortages are not expected as a result of the Coronavirus.

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