Prototype Optics in One Week

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IMG_5490editHow many internships at Optimax: Four

Areas: Tool crib, Maintenance and Metrology

Role: Everything form logging in tools, to painting, cleaning and inspection of lenses.


McQuaid Jesuit High School

University of Rochester

What I learned from my internship at Optimax: I learned different aspects of manufacturing here at Optimax that I probably wouldn’t have gotten working anyplace else.

What I learned about optics: Optics are extremely sensitive and they are probably one of the most widely under appreciated manufacturing appliances in the entire world. So few people know what optics are or what they do, yet they use them all the time in their daily lives.

What I learned about manufacturing:  Being the end-of-the-line in quality assurance, you see how parts go from point A to point Z and you really get to see the full picture.

Why I like working at Optimax: Flexibility – I was able to have multiple internships in different departments, which allowed me to learn about various aspects of manufacturing.

Best part of Optimax culture (one word): Tie-dye

Did your internship help decide your career path: I always knew that I wanted to do some type of engineering. Physics and the sciences were definitely some of my favorite subjects in high school and naturally that lead me down that path and my internships helped confirm my decision.

What I want to be when I grow up: It’s pretty up in the air right now, I’ve done a lot of work with engineering, but going to law school could be an option and being a patent lawyer, or even a sales engineering.

If so, are  there one or two jobs you would like to try? Sales – I’ve seen pretty much every aspect of manufacturing, but the only part that I really don’t know anything about is the sales aspect, which I know is a huge part of the process.