Prototype Optics in One Week

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Andi InternHow many internships at Optimax: Three

Areas: Marketing

Role: Creating and designing marketing materials and providing overall support for the department.


Webster Schroeder High School

Buffalo State College

What I learned from my internship at Optimax: Basic marketing skills and techniques.

What I learned about optics: Before coming to Optimax, I thought that optics were just lenses in eyeglasses. When I came here I learned that that’s not the case. Optics vary from small intricate lenses to big spherical lenses, and are very significant and serve a variety of purposes across many different industries such as space, defense and semiconductors.

What I learned about manufacturingI just thought manufacturing was a bunch of guys working in a machine shop, and now I realize that you have to be very knowledgeable about the optics industry and what you are doing.

Why I like working at Optimax: The main thing that I like about working here at Optimax is the closeness of the company.

Best part of Optimax culture (in one word): Laid back

Did your internship help you decide your career path: Optimax has greatly influenced my career path and what I’ve decided to pursue, just by working in the marketing department here, I know for sure that’s what I want to do.

What I want to be when I grow up: Fashion Merchandiser

What if we asked them to make a pitch to other companies to hire youth during the summer? Companies should incorporate internships like this because it’s a great experience for the youth since they’re going to be the next generation of workers.