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Optics for HIGH POWER

Optimax has developed superior fabrication and coating capabilities for advanced optics designed for use in systems for:

Optimax Precision

We’ve developed highly engineered processes strictly controlled for fabrication, cleaning, coating, and packaging resulting in:

  • Low absorption
  • High laser damage threshold
  • Long lifetime

Laser Grade Optics

High-Quality Laser Surfaces

For the most extreme applications – everything counts. There’s no solution without considering the complete picture.

Custom optic manufacturing process, precision optics

Laser Grade Coatings

High Laser Damage, Low Absorption and Long Lifetime

Processes designed specifically for pulsed and CW high-fluence laser applications.

  • Proprietary cleaning procedure
  • Highly uniform coatings (large diameter steep surfaces)
  • OTR coating designed for long lifetime
  • No loss of transmission after billions of DUV laser pulses

Low Absorption | High Laser Damage | Coating Uniformity | OTR Coating

Fast Delivery

Optimax manufactures a wide variety of optical components. When on-time delivery is crucial, Optimax offers an expedited delivery option with a money back guarantee.

Continued Innovation

Optimax’s R&D department is continuously looking for ways to improve our fabrication process and produce higher quality optics. Our current research projects are designed to meet future market needs.

For more information please see Optimax Innovation or contact

Optimax Tools

Manufacturing Tolerance Chart
Test Plate Library
Preferred Glass List
Aerospace Glass List

High Power Laser (HPL)

High power lasers for large format industrial material processing and research.

  • Industrial Material Processing
  • Research

Our advanced optics allow uniform transmission across the lens and provide long, useful life in high-fluence applications.

  • Large optics up to 500 mm
  • Complex geometries
  • High CW laser damage thresholds
  • Low absorption surfaces and coatings
Optics for lasers

Direct Energy (DE)

Focusing laser energy over long ranges for targeted results.

  • Defense Systems

Optimax takes ownership of the entire process and is your go-to partner for complete laser grade optic solutions. We back up our performance with third-party verified low absorption and high-laser damage thresholds.

  • Large optics up to 500 mm
  • Complex geometries
  • High-fluence laser coatings
  • Advanced in-house metrology, including cavity ring-down

Deep Ultraviolet (DUV)

Short wavelength deep ultraviolet lasers for nano scale linewidth imaging.

  • Lithography
  • Metrology

Precision optics with high throughput and long life for the semiconductor industry.

  • Large optics up to 500 mm
  • Complex geometries
  • Clean room facility
  • Proprietary low-loss polishing and coating
  • Useful life measured in billions of pulses
  • Coating uniformity on steep surfaces

Optimax Capabilities