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High precision optical and mechanical metrology enables Optimax to adhere to tight tolerances and ensure customer satisfaction. Optimax has more than 100 highly trained opticians that measure and certify precision optics to customer supplied optic design specifications for standard and custom optics. Following specific quality control standards, Optimax provides an inspection data record with each optical component to ensure that it meets customer expectations.

Everyday Precision: Measurement Uncertainty

Often times, an optician’s ability to finish an optical surface is limited by metrology. Optimax has a continuous improvement program to identify measurement uncertainties and minimize their impact upon inspection of an optical component. Conclusively measuring a lens attribute value to a known certainty establishes lens quality, which creates value for the customer when ordering custom and precision optics. Reliable inspection data removes unknowns in optical system modeling and performance.

Optimax Metrology
Typical Measurement Knowledge
Diameter Micrometer ±0.002 mm to ±0.005 mm (Diameter Dependent)
Sag Drop Gauge ±0.002 mm
Radius Interferometer ±0.005%
Irregularity Interferometer ±0.05 fr
Form Error Profilometer ±0.02 μm

For more information relating to lens attributes please see:

State Of The Art: Stitching Interferometry

ISS RingsOptimax employs specialized tools to meet the most extreme metrology needs. Precision Standard Fizeau interferometers are used to measure irregularity for spherical and plano surfaces. For non-spherical surfaces, such as aspheres, Optimax utilizes surface profilers, custom interferometer set ups, and stitching interferometers. Stitching interferometers measure multiple zones on the lens surface then stitch the data together mathematically to determine irregularity over the full aperture.

Please see our Asphere Metrology Matrix for more information.

Example measurement from a stitching interferometer

Optmax’s new Metrology Laboratory will provide the best possible environment for precision measurements. The facility, with extreme vibration isolation and temperature control, is intended for measurement of high precision optical components to accuracies better than 50th wave.

In addition, specialized software tools that measure irregularity for comparison to a Zernike fit specification are available to optical designers for measurement analysis on all optical components, including custom optics.

Data & Filetypes Optimax Provides

These are filetypes that Optimax can send electronically or upload to a shared FTP site:

  • MetroPro-.dat file
  • file
  • Adobe-.pdf file
  • Microsoft-.xls file
  • Microsoft-.doc file
  • Taylor Hobson-.mod file
  • Taylor Hobson-.prf file

MetrologyQuality Assurance

Optimax inspects 100% of all optics. Test data is provided with prototype orders. The use of state-of-the-art metrology assures customer satisfaction.Optimax is compliant with MIL-I-45208A Quality Systems and is ISO 9001:2015 certified

For more information please see Optimax’s Inspection Data Options.

Fast Delivery

Optimax manufactures a wide variety of optical components and custom optical designs. When on-time delivery is crucial, Optimax offers an expedited delivery option with a money back guarantee.

For more information please see the information on Optimax’s On-Time Guarantee.

Future Capabilities

Our R&D team is continuously working on independent projects and with the shop floor to improve our metrology capabilities for precision optics. We are identifying and working to reduce the uncertainties in our measurements for optical components. In addition, our R&D team is working on software tools to better identify specific surface errors. We hope that this work can help our customers in specifying surfaces and our opticians in manufacturing surfaces.For more information please see Optimax Innovation or contact