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Founded in 1991, Optimax is a world class manufacturer of precision optics. With more than 100 skilled opticians and a modern 60,000 sq. ft. facility, Optimax is one of the largest prototype optics manufacturers in the U.S. Optimax produces a wide range of optical components including:

Aspheres | Spheres | Cylinders | Optical Domes
Prisms and Flats | Optical Coatings | Metrology

Grouping of prototype lenses

Precision Optics Manufacturer

Optimax is dedicated to supporting projects that require:

  • Small volume
  • High quality
  • Quick delivery

We have built a facility with diverse capabilities for making a wide variety of optical components:

  • Up to 400 mm in diameter
  • From a wide range of optical materials for specialized applications from the deep ultraviolet (DUV) to the far infrared (IR), including:
    • All optical glasses and fused silica
    • Optical crystals – e.g. CaF2, BaF2, ZnS, ZnSe, Ge, Si, Sapphire, MgO2
    • Optical ceramics – e.g. Spinel, Alon, Clearceram, Zerodur

Optimax capabilities incorporate a wide range of manufacturing technologies from which we can choose the best process for your requirements. Fabrication capabilities range from conventional machinery to highly deterministic CNC machining, including:

  • CNC subaperture polishing for aspherical and toroidal surfaces
  • Magneto Rheological Finishing (MRF)
  • Optimax patented VIBE polishing

 High Precision Custom Optics

Optimax trains its employees to be inspectors first to support our Lean manufacturing environment. Opticians measure and certify their work with metrology instrumentation to assure that it conforms to specifications. Optimax instrumentation includes the most advanced phase measuring interferometry, which allows us to make surface accuracy measurement to lambda / 50.

  • 100% inspection of the products it manufactures
  • 3 standard levels of manufacturing tolerances
  • Written QA data with all prototype orders
  • Quality procedures that are ISO 9001:2015  certified and compliant with MIL-I-45208A

To ensure that each customer receives only product that conforms to specifications, Optimax performs a 100% inspection of all the optics we manufacture. Written QA measurement documentation is systematically supplied with all prototype orders. Upon request, such data can also be supplied for production orders. Optimax Quality procedures and standards are consistent with ISO 9001:2015 certification.

CoatingsOptimax Thin-Film Optical Coatings

Thin film optical coatings from BBAR, V-coat, and reflective to custom coatings which meet exacting customers’ specifications.

Optimax has extensive coating capabilities and equipment, including four electron-beam coaters and one equipped with ion beam assisted coating . Coating spectral conformance is confirmed with a Perkin-Elmer Lambda 900 Spectrophotometer.

Expedited Optics Manufacturing & Delivery

With years of experience perfecting its Lean manufacturing processes, Optimax is uniquely qualified to offer fast, on-time deliveries.

Optimax is the world’s leading rapid delivery manufacturer of custom optical components. Since its founding, Optimax has recognized that industries and institutions need fast deliveries of high quality, precision optics and has invested more than 15 years perfecting highly reliable and effective Lean processes. To learn more about these and other Optimax innovations, please visit About Optimax.

Customers trust Optimax to reliably manufacture their most complex optics on time. In the unlikely event that an expedited delivery is late, Optimax policy is to refund any unearned premium.