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Markets Served

Optimax manufactures precision optical components for a wide variety of applications. We have a proven track record in aerospace and fundamental research and development, and for OEM production projects in semiconductor, military and medical instruments. Optimax is dedicated to supporting projects that require:

Small Volume | Quick Delivery | High Quality

As applications become more demanding and optical engineers get more creative, requirements for optical components go beyond current manufacturing capabilities. Our master opticians love a good challenge. So at any given time, Optimax has about 6 edgy jobs in house, i.e. jobs for optical components that require manufacturing engineering to make the optics. Because we only make optical components, all of our engineers – optical, mechanical, chemical, and industrial – focus their energy on how to make optics faster, more cost-effective and/or higher precision than we did yesterday.

Recent research has yielded successes in:

  • Characterization of new optical glasses and ceramics
  • Chemo-mechanical processing
  • VIBE patented polishing technology
  • Fractional wave aspheres
  • Conformal, toric and acylinder optics
  • Wavefront correction optics

Optimax works directly with customers, with no outside reps, putting optical engineers in touch with opticians. Please consider visiting our factory in Upstate New York, or contact us to discuss your project.

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