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Optimax was founded in 1991, in a barn in Webster, New York. Since that time, optics have been behind enormous progress in technologies as diverse as fiber optic telecommunications, solid-state lighting, digital photography, displays, and diagnostic medicine. From humble beginnings to a currently 120,000 sq. ft. the state-of-the-art facility, it has been a continuous journey of culture, technology, engineering, and capabilities that have made us the largest high precision optics manufacturer in the United States. Our optics are used in key programs in aerospace, government research, and defense, and our customers’ successes have fueled our growth.

That growth has meant continual investment in:

Optimax Innovation
Technical Expertise
Our Culture

Did You Know?

Our story began in 1991, and like many success stories, Optimax was not built overnight. Many different milestones throughout our journey and the support from our exceptional team, customers, and community partners have led us to where we are today.

We bet a few of these stories and milestones below you didn't know.

Optimax Corporate Uniform

In 1996, Optimax corporate culture began to form, starting with Optimax official corporate uniform. During this time, our workforce encompassed many musicians who loved the Grateful Dead, allowing tie-dye to become the official Optimax corporate uniform.


Optimax acquired Gould Precision Optics

In 2001, Optimax acquired Gould Precision Optics. There were 80 employees in Rochester and around 30 employees in Binghamton, New York. Al Gould, one of the original Gould Precision employees, pictured here, still works at Optimax today.


Optimax Angel

In 2004, Optimax Angel's message provided the workforce with a message centered around hope and prosperity.


Self-Led Culture

Optimax embraced a self-led culture, which means the organization is shaped by the people and not the objectives of the leaders.


Rochester Business Hall of Fame Inductees

Rick Plympton and Mike Mandina inducted into the Rochester 2018 Business Hall of Fame.


Wayne County Billboards

In 2019, Optimax leaders Mike and Rick were featured on billboards throughout Rochester supporting Wayne County.

Optimax Celebrates 30 Years

The year 2021 marks the 30th Anniversary of Optimax. We have come a long way from starting in a barn in Webster, New York, to becoming the largest optics manufacturer in America. To all our employees, customers, and friends – We thank you for your continued commitment to Optimax.

Optimax Facility Expansion

In 2019, Optimax doubled its size and added 60,000 sq. ft. to its current facility in Ontario, NY. In addition, more than 59 new jobs in the next five years as part of our dedication to growing our workforce.

Groundbreaking Ceremony

On September 26th, 2018, Optimax’s Groundbreaking Ceremony marked the beginning of another facility expansion as part of Optimax’s continuing growth.

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